Developer poem on this #WorldPoetryDay

Developer poem on this #WorldPoetryDay

In the hum of circuits, he finds his realm,

A tech guy, seeking beyond the helm.

Amidst the lines of code, his quest unfurls,

In search of a voice, in a world of whirls.

In algorithms’ dance, he seeks his rhyme,

A melody hidden in bytes and time.

Through screens aglow, his vision extends,

A quest for purpose, where his heart ascends.

He navigates the maze of digital streams,

Infinite possibilities, like endless dreams.

Yet amidst the data’s ceaseless flow,

He yearns to find his unique echo.

With every line of code, a whisper heard,

A longing for meaning, like a song deferred.

In circuits and chips, he seeks to ignite,

The fire within, his soul’s guiding light.

For he knows deep within the silicon sea,

Lies a voice waiting, eager to be free.

Beyond the zeros and ones, he’ll find his place,

A harmony of tech and human grace.

So let him code, let him explore,

For in the digital expanse, he’ll soar.

Through bytes and bits, he'll carve his way,

To find his voice, his purpose, come what may.

In the symphony of technology's embrace,

He’ll find his rhythm, his rightful space.

For in the heart of innovation's dance,

Lies the essence of his true, authentic chance.